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Today, many Indian schools have adopted a new board for Secondary Education, which is the University of Cambridge certified Checkpoint/IGCSE. Around the world, IGCSE certifications are much more recognized, and hence Indian students find this board much more practical overall if they are planning to study abroad in future.

Optimus Academy has been helping students adapt to this new board and syllabus for nearly 4 years now. Our team of expert teachers help students understand the distinct features of this syllabus, and can help you to gain a better footing in future when applying for international universities – especially those in Europe and USA.

At Optimus Academy, we provide coaching at 3 levels of the CIE syllabus

Cambridge Checkpoint

Age Group:

11 – 14 years

Equivalent Grades:

Grades 6 | 7 | 8

Cambridge IGCSE

Age Group:

14 – 16 years

Equivalent Grades:

Grades 9 | 10

Cambridge A/AS level/ IBDP

Age Group:

16 – 19 years

Equivalent Grades:

Grades 11 | 12

While many schools have become affiliated under the CIE board (University of Cambridge International Examinations); there is still little help in terms of tuitions. The few available tutorials have large batches, and this is particularly a problem for a student since the IGCSE method itself applies to batch of limited number of students to ensure better understanding, and deeper insight to the study material.

Our teachers have over 8 years of teaching experience, and for the last 3 years, we have been dedicated to develop tuition methods specifically for students applying for the Cambridge Checkpoint/IGCSE examinations. We ensure that our batches are small (at maximum 4 students) to follow the Cambridge approved method closely.

Having taught students from variety of Cambridge University affiliated schools in Mumbai suburbs over the years, we are well versed with the different study methods applied by these schools. This helps us to cultivate a perfect blend of school syllabus into tuition coaching, and ensure timely completion of the syllabus, along with ample of practice of solving test papers.

Join us for the best teachers, IGCSE centric teaching methods, and mock examinations to help you prepare for this new syllabus. With our guidance, your scope for future education abroad opens new possibilities as you explore international level coaching and unique study opportunities under the IGSCE board!

Performance Focused At your doorstep!

At Optimus Academy we work with each student to understand their weaknesses to convert them into strengths.


What Student’s Say

Great People 3

I am happy to enroll my daughter to Optimus Academy for her IGCSE preparation. The teachers are well versed with their subjects and are always keen to deliver extra bit of information apart from textual concepts. Having teachers coming at our place for home tuition, it helps me to have a constant update about my daughters progress.

A parent
Great People

The teachers at Optimus are knowledgeable and thoroughly known to IGCSE curriculum. They understand all the nuances of teaching and learning and they exactly know the areas to focus while teaching which makes learning from them even more interesting.


The study environment created by teachers at Optimus Academy is always enthusiastic which has increased my focus towards studies.

Great People

I am very thankful to the teachers of Optimus Academy as they are very patient and explained each and every thing in detail. The study materials provided by them is most relevant to that of IGCSE curriculum which helped me to achieve my goals

Great Service

I am very happy and fully satisfied with Optimus Academy. Their idea of providing home tuition to IGCSE helped me to gain personal attention from the teach of tutors and close monitoring of my progress. I recommend Optimus Academy to everyone who is looking for home tutors for IGCSE coaching.